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Friday, 2 July 2010

Happy 2th Birthday, Wafiq

My Dear Wafiq
On your special day, may the nicest and the sweetest suprises come your way
with lotsa loves !!!!

Oh it's hard being a two year old
There's things you want,but "NO" you're told
There's not enough hours in the day
To learn all the words they expect you to say

I've done so well up to this time
I've learnt what's theirs, and what's mine
I've used my legs , and learn'd to walk
I've listened hard, and learn'd to talk

I've learn'd to count from one to ten

And then I say it all again
You'll hear them say, that I'm so bright
Cos I know my colours, black, red or white

And then, what will next year bring?
PLAYSCHOOL! I'll be expected to sing
Expected to share all the toys
With lots of other girls and boys

I'll play with water,and things like sand

O'h I can't wait, it will be grand
I'll learn to tie up my laces
And run like mad to win the races

So then at last, I'll learn, my friend
To all this learning, there'll be, NO END.

Thanks to Elyn cos sudi menjemput me and my family to Wafiq's 2nd birthday bash, but again so sorry I tak boleh attend unless you selitkan tiket kapal terbang untuk me and my family...hahahhaa. Kita nie asyik tak dapat berjumpa aje, bila I ada kat Malaysia, ada aje penghalangnya..maybe bila balik Malaysia nanti, perhaps kita dapat berjumpa and I'll bring the present for Wafiq.

p/s : Gambar-gambar di atas diambil from Elyn's FB


  1. tq gina for the special entry ni. Wafiq sengih2 bile i bacakan. i tggu u blk sini!!!

  2. gina thanks ek dengan special entry ni!!! i'allah ade rezeki kite jumpe la nanti.... miss u!!