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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jatuh Cinta

I know that Im not a teenager anymore, and supposed I tak perlulah nak berlagak untuk menjadi remaja semula but I couldn't help myself to really into this tv series...GOSSIP GIRLS.

Masa zaman remaja dulu, I always love Beverly Hills 90210, kadang-kadang Ibu marah I tengok cerita-cerita mcm tu...heheheh. But this series is different. Maybe because Im a lecturer, and I need to be part of my students.

I like all the characters. They have their own styles, Kalau bab fashion, jangan cakaplah,,so superb and the hairdo and also the make in 2 it.

So semalam, end of season 3 here in Adelaide. What a sad/boring/suprised ending. Tak sabar nak tunggu for season 4 somewhere in September 2010.


  1. hehhehehe...gina kty yg dah tua nie pun still layan cerita2 remaja nie ..syiok..

  2. psstt...i pun layan gak citer ni. huhuhu..tak bleh tahan kan. takpe..janji fikiran matang ok..

  3. i love gossip girl too, but the show air too late at night lah