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Monday, 16 February 2009

A moment of truth

Last Friday, Daddy Jack told me that his application to study abroad dah diluluskan Aku agak terkejut jugaklah and his application tu valid till December 2009..that's mean I've to prepare everything...mentally dan fizikal..aduhhh mcm mana nie ? Banyak benda yang perlu difikirkan...He want all of us to go, because the duration agak lama jugaklah, 4 years...hmmmm kena pikirkan something nie.

Which part of the country ? hmmmmm....

Aduh...kalau if I have to go..that's mean I have to leave my family, friends and also my students..aduhhhh....cannot think la.


  1. jauhnyer............ sedih plak dgr u nk pi jauh!!!!

  2. ni kira good news lah kan..ubah angin..hehe..peluang baiklah u utk gain new experience ;)

    apepun..think wisely..all the best!

  3. huh?amerika?us?perghh..jauh sgt tu puan....waaaaaa...*touching** :(