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Friday, 23 October 2009

Yummies Cuppies

I never thought of having cupcakes for Ryan's birthday tapi Daddy Jack insisted to have ones. This cupcakes untuk diberikan kepada children who attend the birthday bash. We bumped into this cute kiosk at The Curve, The Yummy Cuppies.

Daddy Jack as a designer for the design of the cupcakes. Biarlah dielah yang tentukan, He's so fussy about the preparation.

I really like the display cupcakes. So sweet and adorable.

Cartoon character cuppies. We all tak sempat nak order this one cos masa dah suntuk, just order the normal ones.

The cuppies datang dalam 2 size, small and medium. Flavour pun ada beberapa jenis. But we all just ambik the vanilla.

This cuppies agak mahal sikit cos ada decoration tapi rasanya sedapppp sangat

I really like the tin packaging. Nak beli satu la

Our cupcakes design. So comel la..sayang nak makan

Another set of the design. We ordered about 75 pieces and mmg laku betullah. The childen love it so very much.

The packaging pun menarik....ada lubang-lubang khas untuk cuppies. So, taklah messy bila kite ambik nanti. So, if anoyone of you yang berminat with this cuppies just refer to Yummy Cuppies or just called Tney 013 3456040 or maybe you guys can drop off to the kiosk at The Curve.


  1. kak..u shud try cuppies yg link kat blog saya...dia tinggal area gombak kot

  2. Cantiiiiik, is it delicious? Masa birthday Redza hari tu pun I order football themed cupcakes, tapi Arsenal lah since he loves them. Rasa dia not bad juga. ;D