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Monday, 21 June 2010

Teringat kat magazine student

Before I buat unpaid leave, I sempat mengajar sekejap for about 3 months on subject Publication Production, Design & Techniques (PPDT). I asked the students to come out with our own faculty's magazine. I tak sempat nak tengok the end products although I minta the students to tag or email me the final one, but only the 2 groups yang hantar. I thought that I nak bagi markah since its my project but its too late. Tak tahulah, samada message tak sampai or what.

But, last Friday, I received this magazine from The Advertiser and it looks exactly what I want my students buat. The concept, and everything. What a coincidence !!!!!

Bila baca this magazines, terus teringat kat my students. Some of them are so creative, not only in design, but in writing and expressing the ideas. Some of them have blogs, so I can read all their activities, expressing themselves in any kind of ways.

Oh my....I really miss my life as a lecturer...talking, lecturing, having my moments with the students, Joking and fooling around with them. I really miss walking into classes with " Hai Puan G, Morning Puan G, Sorry Puan, lambat...or maybe Sorry Puan, saya tertido " and I miss my Maxis number with sms like " Sorry puan, saya tak datang ke kelas, tayar pancit" or something like that.....cepatlah 3 tahun..I want my job back !!!!


  1. And we want you back!! Hehehe.

  2. i can feel ur kerinduan. takpe pejam celik kejap jer tu :)