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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Happy 5th Birthday

Im writing this entry, specially for my son, Muhammad Danish Imran. He's turn 5 today...

Do you remember your 1st Birthday celebration ? Daddy Jack sangat excited dengan kedatangan World Cup 2006 so your first themed is World Cup Fever. Daddy was so excited with the preparations and so on, he even have afootball field as your birthday cake !!! Our jersey yang we all pakai on that day, diterbangkan khas all the way from England with our name on it.

Then, on your 2nd birthday, we all have a good times at McDonalds, just families but way too much fun, all the laughters that we shared and the family moments, everyone had their good times here.

On your 3rd Birthday, Daddy decided just to have a small celebrations at home because Im pregnant at this moment and Daddy already planned something big for you.

Daddy decided to give your first experience in flying, so we're off to Sarawak. It is a very one hell of experienced that you had in flight. You were so eager and kept on mumbling, and you tak berhenti-henti bercakap sampaikan Mummy letih nak layan you.

You also had you second 3rd birthday celebration at Kuantan, nak sambut birthday Ayah yang ke 60 sekali and believe me, it was a blast !!!! Ayah siap jemput not a few, but many kids from our neighbourhood. We had mini sukaneka, ice-cream session and everyone was having fun.

And for your 4th birthday, you already be a big brother to Ryan the Lion. Still, we have the celebration at aour sweet home, but you have a big birthday present ever,,,Wii Game Set and lots of prizes...

I still remember you in in yellow uniform, your first kindie uniform. I didnt have the chance to send you to kindie cos Ibu tak bagi. It took almost 2 weeks for you to get used with the environement. I still cant believe that my boy now already in school years !

I akan gelak bila tengok this picture because I still remember, you macam malu-malu bila nampak I ambil gambar nie. Believe me Danish, I will give you a good education, and all that you needs.

Masa you in 2 tahun, you minat sangat dengan Bob the Builder, hari-hari tengok cerita yang sama sampaikan kita semua naik bosan, tapi nak buat macamana, semuanya untuk anak.

Then, you minat with Thomas, everything is all about Thomas sampaikan Daddy sanggup membelikan all the Thomas set, sampai penuh almari. I even tak tahu mcm mana nak buat dengan all those toys bila you dah besar nanti.

You and Daddy shared a same and sports. Last year, Daddy was so happy dengan Manchester United Tour in Malaysia, sampaikan sanggup tunggu ketibaan para pemain di airport, tinggal di hotel sama dengan pemain-pemain and you bumped into some of the players. Daddy even bawak you untuk pergi tgk your first game in stadium. Tak cukup dengan MU Tour, Daddy also decided that we had a dinner with some of the players.

Daddy will always buy stuffs for you like no one business, I still remember when he shopped for your baby stuffs, I was just standing while he did the shopping. He always want you to look good especially in clothing wear.

Daddy will always fulfill all you needs because you shared the same hobby just like your and all the gadgets.

But Daddy will make sure that you have al least one book to read for a month...and noe, rumah kiter dah penuh dengan buku.

I will never forget this moment...your first concert with your friends. Watching you performed at stage makes me want to cry.

As for me, membesarkan you memang satu cabaran. I still remember masa you kecil, nak tidurkan you merupakan satu cabaran, sampaikan satu ketika kena masuk dalam kereta, pusing-pusing then baru you tido. You kuat memangis, sampaikan Mummy mcm risau aje bila telefon rumah, dengar you menangis. You takut dengan orang lain selain Mummy. I still remember, masa kecil, entah angin apa, you minat sangat dengan lori sampah, tak tahulah kenapa. 3 org maids telah Mummy ambil untuk menjaga you, bukannya kerana you degil, tapi maid itu yang ada masalah. But Percayalah Danish, walaupun Mummy tak minat main game, tapi Mummy sanggup tengok cerita Thomas sama-sama dengan you, mandikan you, menjaga you bila sakit, layan you bercakap and most of all, Mummy will do anything for you. And I think, the best present I had for you is taking care of you in 3 years time..watching you go to school, pereparing a brekkie, lunch and dinner, having me all the times in the house, I think that's good enough.

So, my Love, Muchkins, Danish Imran,,,HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY. This year, is going to be different. I dont know anything about the present that you will get from Daddy, or even the celebration but all I know that you're going to experience your primary school times here in Adelaide in this July. Mummy will always love, caring and praying for you. Hope that you can be a better person and may ALLAH bless you always




  1. kakak, kita terharu dengan apa yang kakak tulis ni..
    u really sayang ur family damn much..
    i wish danish akan jadi mcm both of you bila besar..

  2. Hepy Bday dear Danish! May God bless you alwayz ... =)

  3. wah..dah besar Danish.Happy 5th bday !

  4. happy birthday danish!!!

    sebak baca entry u ni gina... opss ter emo lak pepagi ni hehehe

  5. selamat hari jadi danish imran.semoga menjadi anak yg soleh dan berjaya dunia dan akhirat

  6. sedih saya bace entry nie.Puan.
    happy birthday to danish!

  7. happy birthday danish, moga membesar menjadi anak yg soleh....

  8. rasa nak nangis baca entry ni -

  9. Gina...touching nya entry ni..sayang benar Daddy Jack ngan Danish kan..

    happy birthday my dear Danish..untie doakan semoga Danish jadi anak yang soleh...amin.

  10. so sweet Pn.G your entry..:)..Happy Birthday Danish!..

  11. Comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Happy birthday litle boy!