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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Danish Creative Side

This is the entrance of Danish's kindie.

This is Danish class

Dalam class nie ada dipamerkan all the artworks yang telah dibuat oleh the children. The parents also can collect the report card. So far, apa yang Principal Law ckp Danish is good kid. Ada ciri-ciri seorang pemimpin and they will assign Danish untuk jadi leader masa concert somewhere in October nnt. Wah ! Ada bakat terpendam rupanya yer.

Father's Day is coming so the children make something for their father..colouring skills Danish nie kena brush up la sikit. Daddy Jack nie tugas you yer.

A Mother's Day souvenir for me...ohhhh how touching !

Overall, me and Daddy Jack berpuas hatilah ngan pihak kindie cos berjaya mengajar Danish. He even can recognize the ABCs and also 123. Thanks for the patience and also the dedication. Walaupuin both of us are lecturers tapi still tak dapat nak ngajar anak because of our kesibukan. After melihat hasil creativity Danish nie, Daddy Jack decided to sent Danish to art school.

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