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Friday, 10 June 2011

Happy Birthday s-s-uper s-six!

This is a special entry for my son, Danish Imran.
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You went to bed 5 years old. You woke up this morning and you had miraculously turned 6!! You're 6 years old!! Where has the time gone, little man?

Oh, my favourite boy, you turn into 6 today. I can't believe that my boy is already 6. I masih ingat lagi di waktu ini 6 tahun yang lepas, I berdebar-debar dalam perjalanan ke Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital untuk melahirkan my first born. We decided to do the caesarean as I cannot bersalin normal. This is one hell of experience, everyone was there, Ibu, Ayah and also the siblings. Semuanya menunggu dengan penuh debaran menyambut ketibaan cucu, anak saudara sulung mereka. Alhamdulillah, tepat jam 3.15 pm, lahirlah seorang baby boy bernama Danish Imran.
Thankfully, I able to jaga all your needs for a year now. I melihat you membesar di depan mata, temankan you bermain di padang, memasak kari, your favourite meal dan apa saja yang you teringin nak makan serta melayan apa sahaja yang you mahu lakukan. I never imagine after I finish my unpaid leave, adakah I boleh melakukan semuanya lagi.

As for Daddy, he always support anything that you love especially sports. He will bring you to any game, whether footy, soccer or even rugby. And the latest that I know, he want to bring you to wrestling event that will be held in Adelaide somewhere in July.

This is something crazy that both you and Daddy have done. I even choking myself bila nampak gambar nie secara online. What a fun day !!!!. Believe me, Danish..Daddu already prepare something big when we return to Adelaide so that you will never scream "Bosan, bosan" every day.

You love your brother very much although you scream and fight with each other every single day. You share everything that you had eg toys, food and even hobby together. Watching both of you grwo up makes me cry and I will miss your newborn days.

Last year, it just you, me, Ryan and Daddy celebrate your 5th birthday but tomorrow, you will having a blast as Daddy will organise a birthday bash for you, not only Daddy but the whole family. Hope everyone will enjoy it, we eat, chat, play games and full of funs together with families and friends.

Yesterday, you started school days! You were so excited to be able to ride the school bus for the first time. You got on board with a wave and a smile and never looked back. I took you and left you there at the school, worrying that you'd miss me or be scared - I was worried for nothing. You had a ball.

Yesterday, you wrapped Daddy and me around your little finger. Today, tomorrow and forever you will always be my baby. I'm so thankful to God for the special gift of YOU. Your heart, your spirit, your love of life, your energy, your beauty. All are gifts I'll treasure all the days of my life. May you have a very 6-cessful birthday party with lots of cool stuff just for you! Happy 6th birthday!
Fun, fun, fun! That's what being 6th is all about! Have a blast!

lots of love Mummy, Daddy and Ryan Irfan


  1. Happy bday dear danish :) semoga jadi anak yang soleh ! amin.

  2. Happy Birthday Danish Imran :)
    Be a good Boy and may Allah bless u always...

    xoxo: Aunty Lila

  3. Happy 6th birthday, Danish Imran. Semoga menjadi anak yg soleh ya :)

  4. happi birthday Danish Imran