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Friday, 10 December 2010

Yeah !!!! the school holiday is here

credit to Mr Google

Today Danish will be on his last day of school for year 2010. Sekejap aje rasanya. Cuti sekolah selama 2 bulan, like more into summer holiday. Monday nanti, I'll be busy handling the boys, suara akan tinggi sikit pitchingnya and more busy than before.

I also have to list down some activities to do over the holiday, takut nanti the boys bosan pulak terperap aje di rumah. Maybe a tour at the museum, or even the zoo. Thought of nak bawak pi strawberry picking, tapi since the weather agak kelam-kabut so tak ada tulis dalam agenda la. Lagipun, Daddy Jack busy nak menyiapkan his writing especially on his data collection. Tengoklah macamana yer.


  1. beshnya danish ..lama tu cuti 2 bln..

  2. seronok diaorg conteng jalan tu kan. ryan tak ketinggalan